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Hello everyone, my name is Fred Parke and I’m an architect.

Welcome to my architecture blog!

Let’s get one thing straight – architecture has been my passion for most of my life. Except for the time when I was 4 and wanted to ride a truck, I’ve always been very passionate about buildings, how they are constructed, how they end up looking and how much they can change. I felt like being in the field of architecture will make sure that I’ll be remembered for all my life. You don’t destroy buildings and they leave a mark in the city where they are built, if not worldwide. So, my dream was to have the name Fred Parke on some building which would be the thing that I pass on to next generation. Although at the beginning I was fascinated with traditional buildings, especially from Spanish history, now I’m really fond of modern architectural designs, and my latest projects include those as well.

Interesting projects that challenged architects

I’ve always looked up to different architects in my life, and I’ve tried to find some motivation in all of them. After all, I strive to have the name Fred Parke amongst the most famous like Antoni Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson and Renzo Piano. Even since I was in high school I could get carried away by researching traditional, gothic and even baroque architecture. This is why I was swept off my feet when I actually saw Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia with my own eyes. But not just in Europe, I really enjoy American contemporary architecture as well. From Chicago which is often associated to be the birth of American architecture and often connected to names like Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe, to New York’s Empire State and Chrysler Buildings in Midtown to Wall Street.

I think that the breaking point when I thought: Fred Parke, this is your dream is when I was on a trip with friends, and we had a tour guide who happened to be an architect. He talked so passionately about it, and I felt the energy too. At that point I knew that I this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and this is how I want people to look up to me, as I look up to historical architects.

Building a commercial Building

When it comes to modern architectural designs, the things get a bit trickier. Nowadays, the buildings have more requirements that need to be met, and most importantly, they are meant to serve a larger portion of people. One of my biggest challenges involving modern architectural designs was building a commercial building. These are the buildings that are used for business purposes. They are subjected to specialized financial and tax rules and legal requirements. Even leasing, purchasing and changing them is different than regular buildings in most countries.

There are a lot of different commercial buildings we’ve all heard about. We have regular office buildings, the large industrial and retail buildings, casinos and other special purpose buildings and many more. Still, the things that all of these have in touch aren’t the modern architectural designs, but the different purpose of them.

Tips for designing casinos

My favorite and also most challenging modern architectural designs are in fact, casinos. I’ve tried creating the best casino deign for a few years at least. I had some sketches and I worked tirelessly. It was very interesting to work on designing the best casino design when I had little knowledge and had a lot to research. I got inspired by the design of many online casino sites, to see the main elements both implemented in online and brick and mortar gambling establishments. See here the best designs of Canadian online casinos and why are they so amazing. Still, after some time and a lot of consults with more experienced architects I learnt that it can be done, but it takes time, dedication and research on other modern architectural designs.

After a while I realized I should create the perfect ambiance and interior, and that the exterior is just as important. I found that ambiance and the real human experience that real casinos offer is the main factor why people still play in them, even though they can enjoy in their favorite casino games like blackjack, poker, etc. at online sites like TheBlackjackWinner both for free and real money from the comfort of their homes. Most cities have more than one casino, and people look to find the best casino by just looking at it. After all, people go there to win real money and have an adrenaline rush, and you should make the most impeccable casino design. Of course, I visited some of the best casinos with interior designs like The Venetian Las Vegas in the most popular casino city – Las Vegas. I didn’t miss the Bellagio either, as it was simply breathtaking. I figured that my modern architectural designs for the casino should have the perfect ambiance, interior and even acoustics.

The Meaning Behind the Interior Layout of a Casino

You cannot possibly think of modern architectural designs and think of few people, you think of the masses, or at least groups of people. A casino for example, has the purpose of serving thousands for people every day and it should be well-designed for all types of them. There are first-comers who’ve never played a hand of poker, and you have real money winners and “whales” at high-stakes tables. So, this means that any designer should segment the possible customers and should create a functional design for all of them.

For instance, this means that you should have the perfect decorations, perfect light and even the perfect music. The overall casino design should be aesthetically pleasing where players have the chance to win real money, have fun and enjoy hanging out with friends.

Ongoing Projects

In the future, I have plans to take up new challenges. At the moment I’m perfecting my modern architectural designs and I plan on taking on big projects seamlessly. My ideas include leaving my mark as an architect and being a motivation for future generations, as Gaudi was for me.