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About me

I’m Fred, a Drupal developer living in London

I come to you all the way from New Zealand, a small, yet staggeringly beautiful country with a heady work ethic and a fondness for life’s simple pleasures. I have been in London for over two years and it feels like home to me now.

I have a truckload of experience with Drupal, both front-end and back, but especially front. I have been immersed in Drupal now for around 5 years.

I get my kicks building modern, shiny, super responsive websites. I am crazy about SASS and sassy about Compass. I solve perplexing CSS problems that would make lesser men flip their desks, FOR FUN. I am a fantastic communicator.

I know all about the good stuff like:

Top among my non-work related interests are definitely musicscience, and comedy