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Compass auto-completion in Sublime Text

If you are like me and you use Sublime Text and Compass and you also enjoy auto completion then you might just find this useful.

Chances are if you use Sublime Text you are already familiar with using the Package Control feature to install extensions. Problem is people are making handy extensions all over the show and not all of them make it into the Package Control. Handy extensions such as this.

Great extension, contains all the compass mixins as far as I know, so far I haven’t come across one it doesn’t have anyway, and it works exactly how you imagine it would. Don’t be thrown off by the name either, it works fine with Sublime Text 3 too.

Great, but how do I install it without Package Control?

Simple really.

You just need to put it in your sublime text packages folder. If you aren’t sure where this is you can find it by going to Sublime Text > Preferences > Browse Packages…

For me this was ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages

So I just popped these commands into a terminal window:

cd ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/git clone https://github.com/welaika/Sublime-Text-2-Compass-Mixins.git

Restart Sublime and you’re good to go. Alternatively you can just download the extension from the github page and place it in the folder manually if you don’t want to use GIT.